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Sheep Shearing Schedule for 2018

To download the 2018 Sheep Shearing entry form, please click here.

Junior, Intermediate & Senior Competitions 

Kindly Sponsored by:
Lister Sheep Shearing EquipmenB
British Wool Marketing Board
South Staffordshire College
Mr N Cope & Mrs A Cope (NC Construction Ltd)
Horner Shearing
The Family of the late David Short
Wynnstay Farmers
Reaseheath College

Wednesday 30th May 2018

to be held in

Bingley Hall Annexe 1

 Marks gained in the Junior, Intermediate & Senior Competition may be put
forward for the English Shearer of the Year Award
                                                                          Further details contact:
            The Show Secretary, County Showground, Weston Road, Stafford ST18 OBD
                    Telephone: 01785 258060
Email: [email protected]

To be held under National Shearing Competition Committee Rules

CHIEF STEWARD:       Mrs Angela Cope
JUDGES:                  Mr EL Andrew
                               Mr J Froggatt
                            Mr G Jones
                             Mr M Jones
                              Mr B Mason
                                 Mr R Schofield
                         Mr A Bell
                           Mr Davies

STEWARDS:              Mr R Stubbs
                                  Mr T Shelley
                                Mr R Mees
                                 Mr J Mellor
                                   Mr P Pearce
                                       Mr B Pattinson
                                       Mr C Pattinson
                                                                    Students from Reaseheath College
                                   SCORERS:               Miss Hayley Cope Mrs L Blunt

COMMENTATOR:                Huw Condron

WOOL HANDLER:              Mrs R Ryan
                                               Mrs Jan Cocker
                                               Mrs Val Alcock

 TIME KEEPER:                             Mrs Arlene Griffiths
                                                Mrs Angie Ford
                                                   Mrs Jackie Nixon
                                                 Mrs Linda Miller

                                    Administration:                        Mr Peter Griffiths & Mrs Debbie Beech


JUNIOR:    1st - £150  2nd - £100,   3rd - £75.
                (Prize money Sponsored by BWMB)
The highest scoring SFYFC member- 1st £15, 2nd £10
     Best Pen Marks - Box of Combs - (exc final) Sponsored by Horner Shearing 
 INTERMEDIATE:   1st - £150   2nd - £100,   3rd - £75,   4th - £20,    5th - £15,   6th - £10.
(See notes for Competitors)
 (Prize Money sponsored by the family of the late David short)

 Best Pen Marks - Box of Combs (exc final) Sponsored by Horner Shearing
SENIOR:    1st - £175,   2nd - £125,   3rd - £100,   4th - £40,   5th - £30,   6th - £20.
(See notes for Competitors)
                    (Prize money sponsored by Nick & Angela Cope - NC Construction ltd)
Best Pen Marks - Box of Combs (excl final) Sponsored by Horner Shearing

All competitors to receive a Horner Shearing singlet to wear in the heats


The Circuit
Devon County Show, Great Yorkshire Show, Lakeland Shears, Northumberland County Hears, Royal Bath & West Show, Royal Cornwall Show, Royal Three Counties Show, Staffordshire County Show

Senior Shearers must attend a minimum of FOUR shows
Intermediate & Junior must attend a minimum of THREE Shows

In each category, the top ten placings of English shearers will be awarded points;
1st - 10, 2nd - 9, 3rd - 8, 4th - 7, 5th - 6, 6th - 5, 7th - 4, 8th- 3, 9th - 2, 10th - 1

Results will be collated by the English Secretariat

The top six shearers, depending on sufficient entries, from each category in the English Circuit will qualify for their respective final

Prior to the final, the highest qualifier in each class will be awarded 1 point; second highest 2 point; third highest 3 points; fourth highest 4 points; fifth highest 5 points

1st placed finialists will receive 1point; 2nd placed 2 points; 3rd placed 3 points; 4th placed 4 points; 5th placed 5 points. both sets of points will be totalled and the winners will be those with the least points. in the event of a draw the highest qualifer will be deemed the winner.

Lister Shearing will be sponsoring the English circuit.


1. Late entries may be accepted on the day of the competition subject to availability of sheep and at the discretion of the Chief Steward.   However, late competitors must pay admission to the Show plus the appropriate entry fee to the Chief Steward.

2. Competitors must wear suitable clothing and footwear. No commercial symbols to be worn unless approved by the Chief Steward. The ruling will be administered at all times. Competitors will be expected to be properly dressed for presentations.

3. Competitors may ask for any sheep considered substandard to be rejected before the heats commence. The Chief Steward’s decision shall be final.

4. The number of sheep to be shorn may be altered at the discretion of the Chief Steward.

5. Subject to rule 4, the minimum number of sheep to be shorn in each competition and the maximum number of sheep (not lambs) to be shorn in finals shall be as follows:-
              Competition            Heats               Semi Finals                 Finals
             Junior                        3                      3                                 4/5
             Intermediate               4                      4                                 5/8
               Senior                        4                      5                                 7/12
                 Open                         5                      8                                15/20
6. A draw for heats and stands will be made before the start of each competition.

7. Before the start of the competition the Chief Steward will announce whether ‘socks’ or second growth wool are to be taken off or left on.

8. No competitor will be allowed into their pen except in the presence of a judge and with the consent of the Chief Steward.

9. Each competitor may be allowed one person in their pen to act as a second to control the sheep within the pen.

10.  Competitors will be allowed to take two loaded handpieces on to the boards and no time will be allowed for stoppages caused by either handpiece or the competitor’s own sheep escaping. If any stoppages occur through faults in the machine or down tube, or through other competitor’s sheep escaping, a time allowance will be made or a re-run given at the Chief Stewards discretion.

11. Without assistance each shearer must;
(a) Collect each sheep from within the pen,
(b) Start and stop (after each sheep) their machine
(c) Shear their sheep, and
(d) Put each shorn sheep away properly

12. Each competitor will be separately timed from the word ‘GO’ until their stop-button has been pressed or their machine switched off, whichever is directed by the Chief Steward,
after shearing their last sheep. Competitors will wait on the boards with one hand on the closed door for ‘GO’.
13.       Each competitor’s time score will be calculated by dividing the total time taken (in seconds) by 20 throughout the competition except for Juniors where the time is divided by 30 throughout the competition. All competitors will be timed to the nearest second.
14.       Each competitor’s board score will be calculated by dividing the total number of judge’s penalty strokes by sheep shorn.
15.         Each competitor’s pen score will be calculated by dividing the averaged judges penalty strokes by sheep shorn.
16.       Each competitor’s score will be calculated and recorded regardless of the number of penalty points and time taken.
17.       a) A quality bench-mark of 15 whole points will apply on the Boards or in the Pen.
In each round (Heats, Semi-finals, Finals), competitors with more than 13 whole points will be placed in ascending order from the bottom of the list.
            b)Where the benchmark 13 whole points is applied or exceeded in heats, quarter finals or semi finals and the shearer progresses in the competition – five whole points will be carried forward.
            c) In extenuating circumstances the quality benchmark pint may be extended at the discretion of the chief referee.
18.       The competitor with the lowest score in the final of the competition shall be the winner of that competition, with other  placings decided in like manner. In the event of a tie, the competitor with the lowest score for finished pen will take precedence. If there is still a tie, the competitor with the lowest score for finished pen will take precedence. If there is still a tie, the competitor with the lowest score for work on the boards will take precedence.
19.       Where a prize is given for the best pen of sheep then the pen must have been shorn within the overall average time.
      20.       The following fixed penalties will be applied by judges;
  1. Socks left on when required off – two penalty stokes per sock
  2. Seconds (helpers) assisting with switching machine on or off – one whole point per offense.
  3. Cut teat, pizzle (damage to a secondary teat will be deemed as a cut) – five whole points. Cut hamstring – ten whole points.
  4. A wound scoring twenty or more penalty stokes or requiring veterinary attention will receive an additional 5 whole points.
  5. Allowing sheep to escape – five whole points per offence.
  6. Rough handling of sheep – five whole points per offence.
  7. Open flank cut – an additional five whole points per flank.
  8. Shearers not remaining on their stand until everyone has finished – five whole points.
  9. Cut ear – an additional one whole point per ear.
  10. Plucking before and after shearing - 1 whole point per offence
21.       The Chief Steward, in consultation with any judge has the right  to eliminate any competitor whose work or conduct is detrimental to the good reputation of competition shearing.
22.       Subject to any right of appeal contained in the Society’s by-laws, the Chief Stewards ruling on any matter not covered by these rules shall be final.
1.         Depending on the availability of suitable sheep, it may be necessary to restrict the number of entries that can be accepted.  In such cases entries will be accepted in order of receipt, subject to entrants being eligible for that competition under NSCC Classification.
2.         Equipment: Electrically driven machines, kindly provided by Lister Shearing Equipment will be used for all competitions.
Flexible drives and solid shafts will be available.

3. Prize Money 

The highest scoring SFYFC member in the Junior Competition only will receive prize money: 
1st - £15, 2nd - £10.
Prize Money in the Intermediate and Senior Sections will be paid out depending on number of entries as stated below:-
    1-4 entries     1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize money only will be paid out
    5-9 entries     1st, 2nd,3rd and 4th place prize money will be paid out.
10 and over   Prize money from 1st- 6th place will be paid out.

Wednesday 30th May 2018
Open to competitors of junior classification / blue seal in sheep shearing. Entries limited to 18.
Shearers to be present for the draw at 9.15 am prompt.  Heats to commence at 9.30 am.
ENTRY FEE:  £9.00 
Wednesday 30th May 2018
Open to competitors of intermediate classification. Junior shearers may be accepted depending on availability of sheep. Entries limited to 24.
Shearers to be present for the draw at 10.15 am prompt. Heats to commence at 10.30 am.
ENTRY FEE:  £11.00 
Wednesday 30th May 2018
Open to any competitors of senior classification. Intermediate shearers may be accepted depending on the availability of sheep. Entries limited to 30.
Shearers to be present for the draw at 1.15 pm prompt.  Heats to commence at 1.30 pm.
ENTRY FEE: £13.00


The Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society Sheep Shearing Committee is indebted to the following for prizes, sponsorship and provision of equipment and sheep.

All Insurance Cover for this competition is arranged by the National Farmers' Union Mutual Insurance Society Ltd.


Representatives of Staffordshire College of Agriculture, Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Society and the Sheep Shearing Committee reserve to themselves the sole and absolute right to interpret these or any other prescribed conditions and regulations, or Prize Lists, and to settle and determine all matters, questions, or differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of or connected with or incident to the Competition.