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Non Pedigree Cattle - Section 3


Class 53 Crossbred Heifer, sired by a British Blue 
1st 81 M Kirby Devon Handsfree BRBX UK542455302957. F. b. 6.4.22. s. BRB. d. LIMx. NFS
2nd 79 A Dickinson & L Powdrill Derbys Queen Bee BRBx UK170331300093. F. b. 7.5.22. Bred by L Powdrill. s. BRB. d. LIMx.
3rd 86 P & S Sellers Lincs Coco BRBx UK105893301781. F. b. 5.6.22. Bred by J White. NFS
4th 182 S Hughes Powys Humbug BRBx UK700761400720. F. b. 1.3.23. Bred by E Gethin & Co. s. Hathorn Blues Monty. d. BRBx. NFS

Class 54                                   Crossbred Heifer, sired by a British Blue
1st 78 C & G Davies Leics Daisy BRBx UK720694601052. F. b. 10.3.22. Bred by D Brute. s. BRB. d. LIM. NFS
2nd 85 E Roberts & L Hopwood Anglesey It’s Only Money BRBx UK542455202963. F. b. 11.4.22. Bred by Newton of Logietrait. NFS
3rd 80 T & J Gratton Derbys Billie Jean BRBx UK289706300031. F. b. 28.5.22. Bred by S Horner. s. BRB. NFS
4th 84 J May Worcs Black Majic BRBx UK302428603071. F. b. 25.5.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Blackstar. d. BRBx . NFS
5th 83 TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Razzy BRBx UK143346400500. F. b. 24.3.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Glewston Kit Kat. d. LIMx. NFS.
Class 56 Crossbred Heifer, sired by a Limousin
1st 106 J May Worcs Roll the dice LIMx UK302428503056. F. b. 21.4.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Mystyle Rova. d. LIMx. NFS
2nd 114 JM & SM Rowlands Powys Taylor LIM UK720130400608. F. b. 7.6.22. Bred by TS & PJ Evans & Son. s. LIM. d. LIM. NFS
3rd 116 P & S Sellers Lincs Millie Moo LIMx UK103041601876. F. b. 3.8.22. Bred by J Richardson. NFS
4th 109 J , C & B Mellin NYorks Hidden Gem LIMx UK104661700889. F. b. 19.5.22. Bred by A & J Harrison. s. LIM. d. LIMx.
5th 95 Edwards Brothers Denbs Top Notch LIMx UK705898500733 F. b. 28.9.22. Bred by S T Roberts. s. LIM. NFS

Class 57                  Crossbred Heifer, sired by a Limousin
1st 123 Wilodge Shrops Cor Blimey LIMx UK123791501046. F. b. 30.6.22. Bred by CT Akrigg. S. Ballylin Popeye. D. LIMx. NFS
2nd 92 A Dickinson & L Powdrill Derbys Cover Girl LIMx UK700735302655. F. b. 18.4.22. Bred by Bowen & Bowen. s. Lim. d. LIMx.
3rd 97 HH Evans Denbs Mooty LIMx UK105893501769. F. b. 2.5.22. Bred by GC & KJ White. s. LIM. NFS
4th 118 P & S Sellers Lincs Fancy That LIMx UK562314200289. F. b. 3.2.22. Bred by B Harper. NFS
5th 108 J , C & B Mellin NYorks Baby Guinness LIMx UK565731500182. F. b. 20.6.22. Bred by TJ Hall & Son. s. LIM. d. BRBX.

Class 58 Crossbred Heifer, sired by a Limousin
1st 110 Mudd & Bentley NYorks Tilly LIMX UK562217201467. F. b. 9.2.22. Bred by J Mcalister. s. Eagleshead Exterminator. d. BRBx. NFS
2nd 89 C & G Davies Leics Peak a Boo LIMx UK203020701180. F. b. 15.4.22. Bred by D & J Davies. s. LIM. d. LIMX. NFS
3rd 122 BE & SA Williams Powys Strawberry Daiquiri LIMx UK741633600482. F. b. 5.2.22. Bred by PM Morgan. s. LIM. d. LIMX
4th 98 R Foster Lancs Flash LIM UK300379200824. F. b. 30.4.22. Bred by H Lloyd. s. Moriarty. NFS
5th 88 T Charlton Cumbria Dark Desire LIMx UK105770301787. F. b. 3.1.22. Bred by JE & SE Dobson & Son. s. Impulsive OMG. NFS
Class 59-61 Crossbred Steer, sired by a British Blue
1st 132 G & JA Sedgewick Co Durham Hitman BRBx UK112426701089. M. b. 27.5.22. Bred by JW Smith Jackson. s. Tanat Lotto d. LIMx. NFS
2nd 130 H Reason Somerset Flash Harry BRBx UK744564301777 M. b. 8.6.22. Bred by TA Hughes. NFS
3rd 131 E Roberts & L Hopwood Anglesey No Limit BRBx UK542455603030. M. b. 22.7.22. Bred by Newton of Logietrait. NFS
4th 126 Edwards Brothers Denbs Billy Bob BRBx UK706374201220. M. b. 8.12.22. Bred by A Hughes. s. BRB. NFS.
5th 129 DM Leedham Leics Bigbucks BRBx UK744564701732. M. b. 16.2.22. Bred by TA Hughes.
The following classes is kindly supported by J & F Powner Ltd
Class 62                                   Crossbred Steer, sired by a Limousin
1st 148 S & R Stamp Somerset Dingo Dollar LIMx UK322052601726. M. b. 26.8.22. Bred by Mr & Mrs DE & SJ Cheacker. NFS
2nd 137 A Dickinson & L Powdrill Derbys Fire Ball LIMx UK112426601109. M. b. 20.9.22. Bred by J Smith Jackson. s. Hightown Jacko. d. LIMx.
3rd 140 TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Licensed to Kill LIMx UK107596702916. M. b. 17.5.22. Bred by J Browell. s. LIM. d. BRBx
4th 151 RF Whitfield & Son Merseyside Richards Lad LIMx UK744564401792. M. b. 18.7.22. Bred by TA Hughes.

Class 63                  Crossbred Steer, sired by a Limousin
1st 136 P & L Calcraft Devon Under Pressure LIM UK374686200121. M. b. 1.6.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Uptonley Livingthedream. d. BRBx
2nd 153 RJ Wright Somerset Jethro LIM UK741918500708. M. b. 6.7.22. Bred by JM & AM Lewis. s. Mereside Oscar.
3rd 145 JM & SM Rowlands Powys Freddo LIMx UK720668400571. M. b. 26.5.22. Bred by HG & GHM Davies. s. LIM. d. LIMx
4th 149 D Thomas Lampeter Blackie LIMx UK744690500841. M. b. 23.5.22. Bred by Jones. s. LIM. d. LIMx
5th 139 SJ Layton Hereford Logan LIMx UK701174601205 M b. 14.4.22. Bred by G & A Williams. s. Foxhillfarm Logan. d. BRBx. NFS

Class 64 Crossbred Steer, sired by a Limousin
1st 144 BG Price Hereford Danny Boy LIM UK720352400674. M. b. 19.4.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Cropmel Naughtboy. d. BRBx
2nd 134 G & H Amos Leics Toffee LIM UK103298200853. M. b. 29.4.22. Bred by D & CE Marston. NFS
3rd 142 RH Naylor Derbys Tommy LIM UK741918100697. M. b. 12.6.22
4th 150 L Todd & A Smith Lincs Ashby LIMx UK542455302964. M. b. 11.4.22
5th 133 G & H Amos Leics Top Boy LIMx UK542455602967 M b. 4.12.22. Bred by C Robertson. NFS