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Livestock Exhibitor Notes
  1. Covered Accommodation for Stock.  Permanent covered accommodation will be provided for Cattle, Sheep and Pigs with a marquee for the Boer Goats. 
  2. Forage.  Exhibitors are required to make their own arrangements for Forage.  A limited quantity of Straw for bedding purposes will kindly be provided by Thorley Brothers of Doveridge.     
  3. Exhibits - Ownership at Entry.  All animals must be bona-fide the property of the exhibitor at the time of entry.  
  4. Arrival of Exhibits.  All animals must arrive at the Showground by 8.00 am on the first morning of the Show in readiness for judging at the time in the schedule, but not before 8am on Tuesday. 
  5. Period Exhibits required to remain at the Show.  All Cattle, Sheep, Pigs & Goats will be required to remain for inspection until after the Grand Parade on Thursday. 
  6. Responsibility.  The Organisers of this Show have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present.  For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the Organisers and all the Officials and Stewards.  The Society, its Officers or Servants or Agents shall not be responsible for any injury, damage or loss however caused to any animal, article, or other property belonging to the exhibitor and the exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Society in respect of any costs in connection with any claims made upon the Society as a result of the actions or omissions of the exhibitor or of any employee of the exhibitor. Each exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be done to, or occasioned by or arising from any animal, article or property exhibited or brought on to the Showground by him and he shall indemnify and hold harmless the Society from and against all actions, suits, expenses and claims on account of or in respect of any such damage or injury which may be so caused or occasioned. The Society, its Officers or Servants will not be liable for any errors or mistakes that may happen in placing, or penning the stock or articles to be exhibited but the servants in charge of the same must see that they are placed according to their entries. The Society expects all exhibitors to have had experience in display of livestock at Shows and all exhibitors should be aware of the distractions that can be caused to exhibits in their possession during the course of the event. 
  7. Attendants.  Exhibitors or their attendants must remain with their exhibits during the whole time they are at the Show and must comply with and be governed by the Society's Rules and Regulations. 
  8. Halters and Ties.  All stock must be provided with ties and all cattle must be halter-led in the rings. 
  9. Bulls.  All Bulls above twelve months old shall have rings or "bull-dogs" in their noses and be provided with leading sticks. No persons under the age of 18 or over the age of 65 shall be allowed to lead bulls. Two handlers must accompany bulls in the Grand Parade. 
  10. Judges.  The Judges named in the Society's Prize Schedule and the Show Catalogue or Programme have consented and have been appointed to act as Judges in the events indicated.  The Committee reserves the right to appoint substitutes for any who may be unavoidably prevented from attending and all entries are accepted upon that understanding. 
  11. Judging.  Judging will commence, as near as circumstances allow, at the times stated in the Schedule under the respective sectional headings and exhibitors will be held responsible for their exhibits being in the Judging Ring at the proper time. 
  12. Certificates of Calving.  The prizes awarded to in-calf cows may be withheld until a certificate has been delivered to the the Chief Executive of each of the animals having produced a calf within three months from the date of the Show. 
  13. Cattle "In-Milk" Classes.  Cows or heifers entered as "in-calf", calving just prior to the Show will be eligible to compete in the "in-milk" class without payment of an extra fee, but cows entered "in-milk" may not be shown as "in-calf". 
  14. Fixing & Tampering. Any artificial contrivance or device of any description found on or proved to have been used on an animal at any time whilst that animal is in the Showground, either for preventing the flow of milk or for any other improper purpose, will disqualify that animal from being awarded a prize, and any prize awarded prior to discovery will be forfeited.  The Instigator or The Owner of the said animal may be prohibited from again entering stock for any of the Society's Shows, for such period as the Committee may see fit.   For the purpose of this Regulation, the term 'improper practice' shall be held to include setting of teats, and generally any other practice including tampering or of their own or any other animal by the exhibitor or any other person which results in the animals being shown other than in a natural state, and the Society reserves the right to have all animals inspected by the Society's Veterinary Officers, either prior to, during, or after judging. The Society will not tolerate the administration to show exhibits (entered either for competition or sale/demonstration) of tranquillisers or other drugs which may in any way affect the performance of the animal in question to have the effect of making it behave in the show ring in a manner which is not natural.   The Society reserves the right to take any necessary samples from any animal about which a Steward or Judge has suspicion of drugs being used to gain unfair advantage. Any Person or Exhibitor (or his representative) who is found to have administered or permitted the administration of any such tranquilliser or drugs to any Show exhibit will be reported to the Organising Committee, and dealt with at their discretion. In addition the matter will be referred to the appropriate Breed Society or Organisation. 
  15. Sheep.  Exhibits must not be coloured other than in accordance with the conditions of the respective Breed Association Societies. 
  16. Protests. Any Exhibitor wishing to lodge an objection, having reference to Livestock exhibited on the first day of the show, must make the objection, in writing, to the Chief Executive not later than 12 noon on the succeeding day and to any exhibited on the second day of the Show before 3 p.m. in the afternoon of that day, or within seven days from the date of the Show, when the evidence to substantiate the protest cannot be obtained on the days of the Show. The person giving such notice must lodge the sum of £50.00 in the hands of the Chief Executive, as a guarantee that he will attend a meeting of the Society's Committee of which he will have notice, and support his case.  If he does not so attend the deposit of £50.00 will be forfeited to the Society. 
  17. Stewards - Power to Enforce Regulations.  The Committee delegates full power to the Stewards to enforce the Society's Rules and Regulations. 
  18. Parades of Stock. Parades of Livestock will take place on both days of the Show at times to be arranged by the Stewards and all exhibitors or their attendants must be in readiness to parade their animals accordingly.   The only exception to this will be non-MV Accredited Sheep, which will not be required to parade.  The Society reserves the right to withhold prize money if an animal does not take part in the parade on both days. Two handlers must always accompany bulls in the grand parade. 
  19. Exhibitors' Vehicles.  All vehicles must be parked at the places provided and must not under any circumstances be left in the stock lines or other avenues.  All entries are accepted on the understanding that this instruction will be complied with. 
  20. Trophies, Cups & Shields. Unless otherwise stated, all trophies are to be held for one year. 
  21. Calculation of Points.  In calculating the points won by an exhibitor for the award of Champion or other Special Prizes, only those prizes which have been won in classes sponsored by the Society shall be included.  Prizes won in special classes shall not be eligible for points. 
  22. Cattle Section Champion Prizes.  The Judge of each breed section will nominate one animal to go forward to the judging of the Cattle Section Champion. 
  23. Interpretation of the Rules and Regulations.  The Society reserves to itself by its Committee the sole and absolute right to interpret these Rules and Regulations or any other prescribed Conditions arbitrarily to settle and determine all matters, questions or differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of or connected with or incidental to the Show.  Also to refuse or cancel any entries, to postpone or abandon the Show and relax conditions as the Society may deem expedient. 
  24. Grand Parade.   All handlers who are eligible to appear in the Grand Parade MUST wear White Coats, unless their Breed Society states otherwise, or has its own dress code. 
  25. Leading Animals.  It is a condition of the Show that children must only handle animals where they have the necessary strength and experience to cope with foreseeable problems.  Children must always be under the supervision of a competent adult. 
  26. Public Liability Insurance. All Livestock exhibitors must ensure that they have adequate Public Liability Insurance cover (of at least £5 million).