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Non Pedigree Cattle - Section 2


The following class is kindly sponsored by the British Parthenais Society
Class 27                  Crossbred Steer, sired by a Parthenais
1st 37 NF Hodges & Son Bucks Twizzler PA UK281205600903. M. b. 18.5.22. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
2nd 36 NF Hodges & Son Bucks Treat PA UK281205400887. M. b. 12.4.22.Bred by exhibitor. NFS
Class 28                  Crossbred Heifer, sired by a Parthenais
1st 38 J Duerden & Son Lancs Dolly Parton PAx UK104473100885. F. b.20.7.22. Bred by ME Duerden.
2nd 39 NF Hodges & Son Bucks Tornado PA UK281205300879. F. b. 26.3.22. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
The following two classes are kindly sponsored by the British Charolais Cattle Society Ltd
Class 29 – 30         Crossbred Steer, sired by a Charolais
1st 41 RH Naylor Derbys Edwin CH UK301700200638. M. b. 5.1.22.
2nd 42 P & S Sellers Lincs Special Agent CHx UK507627600133. M. b. 15.4.22. Bred by D Munro Wright.
Class 31 – 32         Crossbred Heifer, sired by a Charolais
1st 45 Wilodge Shrops Bring it on CHx UK305117201830. F. b. 25.6.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Annaview Prince. d. BRBx. NFS
2nd 43 E Evans Cered Enfys Aur CHx UK744435500934 F. b. 1.10.21. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
Class 45 – 46         Crossbred Steer, sired by Any Other Native Breed
1st 47 D Plested Oxon LRX UK220793100271. M. b. 27.3.22
2nd 46 Mudd & Bentley NYorks Luggsy Malone GAx UK107023300856. M. b. 13.11.22. Bred by E Telfer & Son. s. Blackcraig Kodiac. d. BRBx. NFS
3rd 48 Taylor & Marsh Lancs Taymar Panda HEx UK190217700067. M. b. 14.6.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. HE. d. BRBx
4th 49 Taylor & Marsh Lancs Taymar Blueray HEx UK190217500065. M. b. 30.4.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. HE d. BRBx
Class 47 – 48         Crossbred Heifer sired by Any Other Native Breed
1st 54 J & S Wareham ESussex Star Bar GAx UK262411201258. F. b. 2.5.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Wareham Blackjack. s. CHx. NFS
2nd 51 A Dickinson & L Powdrill Derbys Peggy SDx UK170331200092. F. b. 5.5.22. Bred by L Powdrill. s. SD. d. LIMx
3rd 50 L Barton Derbys Hannah Montana LR UK162742300868. F. b. 2.1.22. Bred by M Hallam. S. Sharlock Extreme. D. Yarnhill Hannah. NFS
4th 52 Keadyview Livestock Powys Ruby III Hex UK716684700019. F. b. 9.5.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Moralee 1 Prince. d. LIMx. NFS
Exhibitors of Hereford sired entries please refer to Special 53
Exhibitors of Longhorn entries please refer to Special 57
Classes 49 and 50 will be divided by weight at Chief Steward’s discretion.
Class 49                  Crossbred Steer, home bred and fed.
1st 56 C & G Davies Leics Flash BRBx UK210104200006. M. b. 19.9.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. BRB. d. LIMx. NFS
2nd 62 BG Price Hereford Tommy Gun LIM UK720352500682. M. b. 13.11.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Lodge Hamlet. d. Ridgedean Comet.
3rd 59 Edwards Brothers Denbs The Muffin Man LIMx UK716057500380. M. b. 24.5.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Brichill Luka. NFS
4th 55
P & L Calcraft Devon Baloo LIMx UK374686400116. M. b. 19.3.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Waindale UFO. d. BRBx.
5th 61 DM Leedham Leics Sid LIMx UK212576100014. M. b. 14.7.22. Bred by exhibitor. NFS
Class 50                  Crossbred Heifer, home bred and fed.
1st 70 J Hyslop NYorks Tequila Rose LIMx UK421313500019. F. b. 31.3.22. Bred by exhibitor.
2nd 65 D Cox Somerset Itsadream LIMx UK342432400498. F. b. 23.5.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Uptonley Livingthedream. d. LIMx. NFS
3rd 71 TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Penny BRBx UK143346200498. F. b. 11.3.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Glewstone Kit Kat. d. LIMx. NFS
4th 66      
The following Class is kindly sponsored by Barbers Auction LLP
Class 52                  Crossbred Heifer, by any sire purchased at a public auction/livestock market
up to a maximum value of £1400 (receipt of purchase must be submitted with entry forms and must include details of the breed, ear tag number and purchase price)
1st 74 S & R Stamp Somerset Heather LIMx UK342949200921 F. b. 4.2.22. Bred by TA David. NFS
2nd 75 RF Whitfield & Son Merseyside Lancashire Rose LIMx UK720428601664. F. b. 19.5.22. Bred by DG & SJ Davies.
3rd 73 The Geary Family Bucks Onyx LIMx UK105893301802. F. b. 7.7.22. Bred by J & J White. s.LIM. d. LIMx