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Pedigree Cattle - Section 1


Class 3 Steer

1st 3 TD & WT Livesey Leics Normanton 1 Woodonga HE UK206099700821. M. b. 23.3.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Normanton 1 Laertes. d. Normanton 1 Fistulina 9th.
2nd 4 TD & WT Livesey Leics Normanton 1 Ant HE UK206099300831. M. b. 30.6.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Normanton 1 Twm. d. Mormanton 1 Fistulina 28th.
3rd 1 TG & EM Hart & Son Monms Pow HE UK723373601538. M. b. 1.7.23. Bred by exhibitor. s. Moeskaer Upgrade. d. Parkapella 1 Potency 1199. NFS
Please refer to Special Prize 51
Class 17                  Steer or Heifer
1st 5 C Hopley Ches Bridge Tara BA UK161737201118. F. b. 22.3.22. Bred by C Shenton. s. Silverwood Nico. d. Bridge Opera. NFS
2nd 6 C Hopley Ches Bridge Twilight BA UK161737601136. F. b. 21.8.22. Bred by C Shenton. s. Silverwood Nico. d. Bridge Lina. NFS
3rd 7 TR Owen Ches Bickley Tangerine BA UK160059400333 F. b. 3.2.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Mosscroft Pluto. d. Bickley Peach. NFS
LIMOUSIN - Prize money kindly sponsored by the British Limousin Cattle Society
Please refer to Special Prizes 33, 34 and 58   
Class 19                  Steer
1st 10 D Thomas Lampeter Tommy Boy LIM UK701298601950. M. b. 1.5.22. Bred by Jerman. s. LIM. d. LIM
2nd 9 J & I Phillips Carms Reddragon Topman LIM UK751816200278. M. b. 6.7.22. Bred by T Price. s. Gunnerfleet Lion. d. Reddragon Newyork. NFS
Class 20                  Heifer
1st 18 BE & SA Williams Powys Classy Lassy LIM UK700643702251. F. b. 18.4.22. Bred by EH Pennie. s. Carview Millreef. d. Sarkley Lenrietta. NFS.
2nd 19 RJ Wright Somerset Cothi Tiktok LIM UK741918600695. F. b. 10.6.22. Bred by JM & AM Lewis. s. Mereside Oscar. d. Powerhouse Mella.
3rd 14 J & I Phillips Carms Reddragon Topgirl LIM UK751816600275. F. b. 4.7.22. Bred by T Price. s. Foxhillfarm Manhatten. d. Nebo Janice. NFS
4th 13 J, C & B Mellin NYorks That’s My Girl LIM UK115823700393. F. b. 25.11.21. bred by W & G Sedgley. s. Gallaber Leo. d. LIM.
5th 17 P & S Sellers Lincs Wanthwaite Tina LIM UK101980701225. F. b. 11.5.22. Bred by TW Bell. s. Huntershall Prosecutor. d. Wanthwaite Peggy. NFS
Please refer to Special Prizes 35 and 36
Class 21                  Steer
1st 20 The Geary Family Bucks Littlewood Smirnoff BRB UK281056600255. M. b. 27.2.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Dymond Blue Magnum. d. Graymar Misha.
2nd 21 RAO Johnson & E Hewitt Derbys TipTop Taylor BRB UK163984700430. M. b. 14.2.23. Bred by exhibitor. s Cromwell Fendt. d. Brookley Blue Lim Kurd.
Class 22                  Heifer
1st 22 A Dickinson & L Powdrill Derbys Gellan Savanaha BRB UK700921500061. F. b. 6.8.22. Bred by P Lewis. S. Brookfield Dev. D. Gellan Menna.
2nd 23 TA & LC Lyon & Son Lincs Bluegrass Savannah BRB UK104791301397. F. b. 20.3.22. Bred by CR Raine & Son. s. Kelowna Noha. D. Bluegrass Hoity Toity. NFS
Class 25                  Steer or heifer
1st 26 NF Hodges & Son Bucks Trouble PA UK281205500888. F. b. 16.4.22. Bred by exhibitor.
2nd 25 Brailes Livestock Stirling Brailes Livestock CH UK548244100281. F. b. 3.11.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Westcarse Houdini. d. Bassett Orange. NFS


CLASS 26        Steer or Heifer
1st 27 L Barton Derbys Starlite Hannah LR UK162742600871. F. b. 7.1.22. Bred by M Hallam. s. Sharlock Extreme. d. Yarnhill Hannah. NFS
2nd 31 M Cormack Monms Elliot Estelle BSH UK562106203695. F. b. 20.3.22. Bred by J Elliot. s. Fearn Godfather. d. Elliot Estelle.
3rd 28 T & K Bodily Monms Glebedale Rosebud Savannah BSH UK722956500178. F. b. 4.4.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Castlemount Kubota. d. Meonside Catriona Rosebud Nala. NFS
4th 29 Burnett & Lloyd Hereford Aur Du Chanel WB UK311677200054. F. b. 16.6.22. Bred by exhibitor. s. Aur Du Yogi Bear. NFS
5th 34 GE Tomlinson Staff Tonley Annie X920 AA UK520423101920. F. b. 17.12.21. Bred by NA Wattie Esq. s. Duncanziemere Jeststream. D. Tonley Annie V156. NFS